Mar 092014

We went to Cottesloe to see the 2014 exhibition “Sculpture by the Sea”. This year’s exhibition features 74 sculptures from 28 local artists, 21 interstate artists and 21 international artists. It showcases everything from a giant inflatable goon bag to a large rhinoceros constructed of polypropylene fibre and aluminium. To see more pictures click here.







  5 Responses to “Sculpture by the Sea”

  1. They’re are some very interesting sculptures.,quite eye catching. For some reason, I’m drawn to the biking skeleton, carrying the heavy load

    • I can well imagine that Lana, you are carrying certainly a heavy load. But take the load off and focus at the strings where everything comes together. Thank you so much for stopping by and the like.

  2. Great photos. I went to sculpture by the sea at Bondi for the first time last year and enjoyed it. The skeleton rider was there but not the others you’ve photographed. The Arts scene for the masses seems to be enjoying a boom in Australia these days.

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