May 072014

Young artist painting portrait

I better keep me clean


Kids play with recycled household pieces to build art.

Is this the next Swatch?DSC05180-2



A selfy?

Okay then I’m happy I can see the wires in my brain. But where is the bright light?



 I have so much old computers stuff I could build a real one!




  7 Responses to “Recycled Art: Kids Edition”

  1. how creative!

  2. Beautiful. The usage of different computer parts is unique. Never thought of the printer cover to be used in such a way. Thanks for sharing these innovative stills. Cheers..!

    • Thanks for stopping by. And it fits quite well to my real look 🙂 so I used it again. Let’s say recycling recycled goods. 🙂

  3. that selfie above rocks, especially the moustaches 🙂

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