May 182014

Castaways Sculpture Awards is a unique event, showcasing sculptures and artworks with a recycled component. The exhibition and competition engages artists, school children and the public with innovative sculptures which are displayed on the City of Rockingham foreshore.

  16 Responses to “Castaway Sculptures”

  1. Well done, Erwin! Good looking blog site too.

  2. beautiful photographs. I saw the photo gallery of France too but couldn’t find a like or comment box. Thanks for sharing ….I could take a glimpse of France.

    • Thanks for stopping by and your comment. Yes you are right all the older photo galleries don’t have likes or comment options. I made it with Adobe Lightroom before I created this blog with WordPress. This was easy and fast as I had only to upload it with FTP and put a link to it but I can’t get any likes 🙁

  3. Recycled art-making by the sea. Lovely.

  4. Great pictures!

  5. Impressive works and really good photos. I really like the idea to make such arts! Inspiring!

    • Thank you so much Indah. I would love my photos would be as good as yours. Art from recycled stuff is coming very popular here and some are very good. I like the cloth they are making from recycled good. Last years winner was made from plastic bags.

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