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This weekly photo challenge is ROOM. Room can have a different meaning. It can be space, free space, or limited space. With this photos I like to give the interpretation of both. The first is space, free space or free room translated from the German word Freiraum, Birds have unlimited room.

The second interpretation is the limited room. Doing the wrong thing and we can end up there. This room we call often no anymore room, because it becomes the living room, dining room, sleeping room and bath room all together in only few square meters. This photos are from Fremantle Prison, a maximum-security gaol till 1991, the Prison was continuously used as a place of incarceration for almost 140 years.  With death row, solitary cells and gallows, it is a monument to a system of punishment that is uncomfortably recent.



 This limited free room was ending often her …


 … where maybe the endless space begins

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  17 Responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Room”

  1. KLASSE! gefällt mir gut!
    LG, Petra

    • Vielen Dank Petra. Ja ja, wenn du mit dem Messer in deinem Blog zustichst landest du auch in einer solchen Zell. Na ja, vielleicht etwas besseren. Kaum zu glauben dass dieses Gefängnis bis 1991 in betrieb war und heute mit geführten touren zugänglich ist. Ein Besuch ist absolut empfehlenswert und sehr interessant. Schauderlich.

  2. Very smart understanding of the meaning of room. Love the bird photo! Did you use special lens?

    • Thank you Indah. I’m glad you like. I will have a look at the metadata tomorrow. The other computer with the pictures is down now. WordPress is driving me crazy today. It’s time to go for a sleep now.

    • Hi Indah, I hope you feel good at home and have not too much jetlag. I Used my old Canon EOS 400D with even an older EF75-300 f4 and cropped it to 100%. The last photo was underexposed (Iso100 1/800sec f10) against bushes in the shade. I used only Lightroom to bring the bird to live and darken the background.

  3. Interesting historical photos.

  4. Nice series. The gallows – such a stark reminder of the past.

    • Thank you Draco. True, and it’s not so long. 1964 was the last man hanged there.

    • Thank you Draco. True it’s not so long 1964 was the last man hanged there. And capital punishment was officially abolished by an act of State Parliament in 1984 only.

  5. What a variety of rooms!! 🙂

    • Thank you Madhu for stopping by. Yes some have very nice paintings from inmates painted direct to the wall but still very small.

  6. Love your contrasting interpretations of Room. Room can be a place where we’re free to soar and be anyone we like, but it can also be a place where we’re subjected to be someone else. Not many of us would like to be in the latter 🙂

  7. The prison pics are eerie – limited room indeed!

    • Yes it’s sure not for claustrophobics. I would not stay a day in there. Thanks for your time and comment.

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