Jun 072014

This is my second entry into Weekly Photo Challenge Room. It shows the humans first rooms!

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  20 Responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Room 2”

  1. Wirklich interessant… WO ist denn diese schöne Höhle?

    • Vielen Dank fürs reinschauen. In Western Australia. Augusta ist in der nähe von Margaret River. I dieser Region dort sind mehrere verschiedene Höhlen zu finden. Wir haben noch lange nicht alle gesehen, Juwel Cave ist jedoch eine der größeren und schöneren.

  2. Beautiful photos Erwin! These are stunning..ps iam in Jkt now..only available using mobiephone at this moment. Connection is faster thar way 😉

    • Great to know you arrived well in one piece. Have a great holiday and safe trip home. I can’t wait for your photos. And what a great achievement you bring home. 🙂

  3. Very nice photos of intriguing places, but I’m glad I don’t have to live in one!

  4. Very nice pictures!

  5. WA is such a beautiful place. Sadly I’ve only been to Perth. I hope to find the time to explore further afield out west.

    • Thank you Draco. Yes true we have some beautiful places here. Especially down south from Esperance to Albany and around Dunsborough . We are spoiled here.

  6. Caves are so beautiful and contain some of the worlds unknown things.I like watching the discovery channel documentaries on them. Very beautiful

  7. Great photos of the caves!

  8. simply magnifique… stunning, indeed! my very best, Mélanie

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