Jun 212014

This Weekly Photo Challenge is about Between

Between. Capture something in the middle of two things. It can be a person or object, or simply the space in between. It can also be a feeling or relationship — a bond that connects people, or a space that separates. This word might also reflect a choice you need to make — the challenge of choosing one thing over another — or any kind of transition, from childhood to adulthood, single life to married life, day to night.



  35 Responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Between”

  1. magnifique… HL=huge like… 🙂 yep, choices and decisions we make every day… it’s reminded me of the famous sculpture “the kiss” by the French-Romanian sculptor Brâncusi:

  2. that is very cool

  3. Nice one!

  4. Ein wirklich schönes Foto!
    LG, Petra

  5. Think this one is fantastic, just love it.

  6. The sculpture from your back yard?

  7. That is such a lovely shot of a beautiful statue! Well done!

  8. Very very beautiful !!!

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  10. Just the right moment … great capture.

  11. WOW!! Love the star effect on the statue, this is really perfect for the submission!

  12. ahh… way soo cute.. 🙂

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