Jun 292014

This photos were taken in Francois Peron National Park in Western Australia at the Cape Peron. Francois Peron National Park is located in the Shark Bay World Heritage Area. Cape Peron is an impressive area of acacia cloaked red dunes and arid scrubland surrounded by turquoise water and white sand beaches. This is one of the strongest more beautiful contrasts I have ever seen in nature. Enjoy the beauty of this remote and isolated cape reachable only by 4WD. To see more pictures from the area click here! My second entry for Contrasts you find here!

Weekly Photo Challenge #1: Contrasts
Weekly Photo Challenge #3: Contrasts in Art


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  17 Responses to “Contrasts in Nature”

  1. These photos are gorgeous!

    • Thank you Imelda. I’m happy you like it, I do it too. For me this Landscape is very special. The contrasts are amazing. White sand on the beach (sadly at this time a little mixed with the red blown by the wind) and red from the dunes. The colour change is impressive in a sharp line. For me this is very special.

  2. Beautiful photos collection Erwin! The color composition in these photos are showing the contrasts – simply stunning!

    • Thank you Indah. I’m glad you like this composition too. Cape Peron is magic and I love to go there to do a bit of 4WD driving. The contrast of the red dunes with the white sand of the beach is stunning especially around midday, the time you should not take any pictures. 🙂

  3. The best parts of Australia are often the remote areas. Thanks for taking us there.

    • You are welcome Draco. Very true and so often only accessible by 4WD. We have indeed very beautiful land and seascape in this country. Thank you for visiting.

  4. wow, what a beautiful way of showing contrasts Erwin. So grand!.. 🙂

    • I’m glad you like this strong colour contrasts. It’s nearly unreal, but you have to see it in real. Thank you for stopping by.

  5. Wow! Great photos! Love the contrast between the sand and the blue water!

  6. Einfach wunderbar, dieser Strand, die Farben des Wassers.. da könnte man neidisch werden!
    LG, Petra

    • Ja Petra wir haben wirklich sehr schöne, atemberaubende land- und seascape. Viele sind jedoch für “normal reisende” nicht zugänglich, sondern nur mit 4 Rad Geländewagen erreichbar. Wir sagen oft, mit einem normalen Auto kommt man überall hin, aber nur an und nicht in die Schönheiten dieses Landes. Um Cape Peron zu erreichen fährt man z.B. 50 km auf einem 4WD track. Aber es lohnt sich fast immer. LG, Erwin

  7. Amazing colors and great entry on the theme:)

  8. Fantastic colours!

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