Jul 062014

This is my third entry for the Weekly Photo Challenge Contrasts . This photos were taken on the 2014 exhibition “Sculpture by the Sea” in Cottesloe.

Entry #1 Contrast of Transport in Dubai and Contrast of Light you can see here
Entry #2 Contrast of colours in nature you can see here

  9 Responses to “Contrasts in Art”

  1. These are beautiful! For some reason, WP is not letting me add “Like”. Maybe it will let me comment.

    • Thank you Linda for stopping by and letting me know. I’m sorry you can’t add any Like. Did you log into your WP account? Is it working on my other posts?

      • Yep, even tried logging out and back in. There are now two blogs that I don’t seem able to “Like”. Hopefully, it’s temporary!

        • Sorry for a so late reply. This email of you landed in spam and I have seen it only today. 🙁 I can’t understand this. I have two new posts Relic and Relic II, maybe you can try there. I’m with WordPress.org and the likes are with the JetPac plugin handled and are working normally.

  2. Splendid selection! Great photos Erwin.

  3. Alle sind interessant, aber ganz besonders das letzte Foto ist klasse!
    LG, Petra

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