Jul 192014

This weekly Photo Challenge is about: Share your own vision of a container you find interesting. You can take the challenge as literally as you want — a box of chocolates, a broken bottle, your town’s water tank, an empty shell on the beach. Or go in a more figurative direction — from the skin that wraps our body to the comfort of a hug, we all constantly hold and are held by other things and other people. This photos are from “Water Containers” photographed in my home village where I grew up. To see more photos of this beautiful mountain village click here




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  1. So schöne Beispiele!
    Ich erinnere mich an die ausgehöhlten Baumstämme in die das Wasser floß, heute ist das ja auch aus Beton/Stein.
    LG, Petra

  2. I like the fountain in the last picture.

    • Thank you Connie. Yes the last one is very popular, the famous Heidi Brunnen located in Maienfeld GR Switzerland. I’m glad you like it

  3. […] The Bonsai Reaching Out Across the Water A mom’s blog Weekly Photo Challenge: Containers » Weekly Photo Challenge: Containers the greener bench seashell by the seashore Hope* the happy hugger To Hold. greatsnaps, goodtimes […]

  4. […] The Bonsai Reaching Out Across the Water A mom’s blog Weekly Photo Challenge: Containers » Weekly Photo Challenge: Containers the greener bench seashell by the seashore Hope* the happy hugger To Hold. greatsnaps, goodtimes […]

  5. HI, I wanted to let you know that I tried to like your Containers Photo Challenge, but your blog doesn’t cooperate!

    • Hi, Thank you for letting me know. I’m sorry that this is not working. I can’t understand it and if I try to “like” it, it works. I got earlier on an other post the same message and I can find your likes on different other posts as well. It looks like JetPack on WorPress.org is not very stable.

  6. Interesting containers. 🙂

    • Thank you Imelda. I can still see me as a little boy kneeing on it and drinking water from the running fountain. 🙂

  7. I had a quick look at the other photos too and the places looks cosy.

    • Thank you very much Cardinal. Yes it’s a beautiful small village in Graubünden. I did not see it when I was a kid and living there, but going back is a real pleasure and there has nothing changed the last 50+ years.

  8. Good choice of the photos for the challenge Erwin! The last photo is the winner 🙂

    • Thank you so much Indah. I’m so happy to see you here again. 🙂 I’m glad you like the Heidi Brunnen. It’s an Icon and part of the Heidi Land.

      • 🙂 it was a crazy busy week at work lately..I hope next week, the work will be nice to me.. I am glad to be able to enjoy your posts again!

        • Haha holiday are over! 🙂 I know the first week after vacation is always the hardest. A lot of undone work is waiting. 🙂 Take it easy Indah, tomorrow is an other day.

  9. Cool captures Erwin – and the only fountains I saw as a response to the challenge!

    • Thank you Tina. Yes it’s maybe they are not used anymore and are despairing slowly. Once upon a time you could find them in every corner, now the water is getting to precious.

  10. Very interesting sculpture in the last photo. A water fountain and a sculpture at the same time. Don’t know if the water is safe for drinking. I rarely drink out of water fountains in Melbourne. I just don’t trust that they are clean.

    • You are right Mabel, now it’s more difficult to trust then when I was a child. I drunk always the running water into the fountain, but never out of the fountain. Especially the one in picture 2 and 3. 🙂 In Switzerland it’s quite safe and if it’s not safe there is normally a sign “No drinking water”. I think it’s good to test it first and keep common sense. In Mandurah they have just now installed drinking water taps around in the city. I think this is even filtered water so it doesn’t taste. At home I drink always tap water and this is absolutely safe but in Bali I would never drink it.

      • Me too, never dipped my hands in and put a fistful of water to my mouth like that. At school, I used to drink from the metal water taps, though I’ve seen some people put their mouths to the water spout…

        Water taps are quite common in Melbourne city too. Many of them look worse for wear, stained metal and all. I never drink from them. In places like Indonesia and Malaysia, I drink bottled water. Probably will do the same if I go to Bali.

        • Yea right I think as long as we use common sense we are safe and I think it would be waist of money to drink only bottled water in Australia. Yes in Malaysia and Indonesia you receive in all hotels bottled water and if is a bottle in the bath room I use it for cleaning the teeth.

          • I think some tourists see bottled water in Asian hotels as gifts. But I think they would be very naive if they thought that way. In Malaysia and Indonesia you really try not to drink water from the tap – even boiled tap water – as they water is pumped unfiltered directly from the well or ground. You don’t know what’s in there.

            • Yes I agree you must be naïve if you think it’s a gift. But I’m questioning often if rinsing the mouth is safe. I think most of the time it will be… and what does not kill you makes you stronger. Our body needs some bacteria too and we are starting to live to sterile especially the kids they are not anymore able to develop any natural resistance.

  11. Which town in Switzerland ? I have a friend I love dearly who hales from Lausanne … but this is in the German part, no ?

    • It’s the opposite of Lausanne in the eastern part, Graubünden a small village it calls Jenaz. I lived close to Lausanne for 2 years, a beautiful area.

  12. so beautiful!!!

  13. Beautiful pictures. Thanks for liking sunny sun

  14. Your villa looks so beautiful, though I didn’t saw the name of the place. What is the name and were is located?
    Kind greetings,

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