Jul 262014

This week, share a photo that says summer lovin’ to you. It might be a favorite pair of sandals you can’t bear to part with, the homemade salsa you made with veggies from your garden, the flowers you planted, or your family frolicking on the beach. If summer is on the way in your hemisphere, show us something hot hot hot: your homemade sriracha sauce, some friends shuckin’ and jivin’ on the dance floor, or even the furnace or boiler that heats your home.


  39 Responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Summer Lovin’”

  1. Oh ja.. so stell ich mir den Sommer vor!
    Leider war ich schon ewig nicht mehr am Wasser.. ein schönes Bild!
    LG, Petra

  2. Beautiful day, beautiful beach, nice weather. Perfect!

    • Thank you Cardinal. Yes it happen not often that we can use a parasol at the beach. Normally it’s just to windy here. But this was the perfect day. 🙂

  3. I can feel the summer here and it makes me want to jump to the sea!! Nice shot Erwin! Hope you are having a good weekend!

    • Thank you Indah. I know you want to jump always into the water 🙂 but now its cold rainy and stormy here. 🙁 I hope tomorrow it will be better. Have a great weekend Indah.

      • 😀 hahaha..I am choosy too..have to say that I haven’t dare yet to jump into the North Sea after all these years living in the Netherlands! Wishing a better weather tomorrow for you to enjoy!

        • …yes I hope so Lignum Draco inspired me to try some Candid Photography. Will try to shoot out of the hip some pic tomorrow at a craft fair. Not sure if there will be anything on it. I think it’s not easy but I will give it a try. And to make it even more difficult I will use only a 50mm prime.

          • He used 50 mm prime as well on his last post, and the result was so close! I am impressed of how he managed in taking candid photos with 50 mm – I thought he used sort of long tele-lens:)) Good luck at the fair tomorrow!!

  4. Fabulous! It looks so relaxing.

  5. Once again this week, your like button does not seem to be working. 🙁

    • Thank you for letting me know. That’s really crazy. I can’t understand it. I got some likes during the day and at the moment I have no clue where to look. I have seen your like worked a day later on the last post. Thank you very much for that. I will do no changes at this time, and if you don’t mind to try again later on. This way I can isolate the problem if it’s local or on the server before I contact the provider. I will do also some researches in the worpress forum.

  6. Lovely shot. 🙂

  7. very kewl lewks very satisfying 🙂

  8. Ahhh..A day at the beach–my fave activity..although it’s a lot more comfortable in the winter here than in summer!!

    • Thank you for stopping by and commenting. You must be in FL and I can imagine summer must be hot and humid. I spend long time ago 3 months in Clearwater over winter and it was beautiful. Here Autumn and Spring are the best, Summer is hot and windy and if it’s no wind, it’s even hotter and humid.

      • Isn’t Clearwater a beautiful spot? Opposite coast for me (we’re on the Atlantic side) but boy is the Gulf side nice! Such great fine grained sand on most of those beaches and the water is even warmer than it is here!

        • Yes it is and we liked the east cost too. You have beautiful beaches too. But finally we preferred Western Australia to settle.

  9. This is a wouderful photo, just perfect 🙂

  10. You’re a fan of relaxing at the beach in the summer? I am, but I have to make sure I’m in the shade or else Ill turn into a human tomato 😀 Sitting on the sand and hearing the waves crash on shore is music to my eyes…and sometimes I forget I am actually under the sun.

    I love your the colourful umbrella in the photo stands out. If it wasn’t there, the photo would lose it’s cheery feel.

    • Thank you Mabel, I agree the umbrella has to be there, if not I would probably not taken the photo.

      I’m very rarely at the beach itself, maybe because I’m living right at it and the sun here is just to strong to get grilled. When we have friends, they want always go for a swim or walk along the beach but alone we stay normally at the dry. 😀

      • Hahaha. Getting grilled by the sun. Haven’t heard this phrase before, I love it. I prefer staying dry too in the summer, much to people’s surprise. Sure, you may feel cool swimming in the water but at the same time that sun is still shining over you… 😀

        The beach is about half an hour away from my place, so it’s pretty close to where I am. It’s always very windy there, though, which is why I don’t go there too much.

        • It’s the same here the wind start between 11 and 12am. That’s why umbrellas are not often seen but it cools down and dries the air.

          • Now that you pointed it out, you’re right. The umbrella in your photo is ramrod straight up. I”ve seen some people put up tents at the beach, but after a while they tend to fall apart. If you can’t find shade at the beach, might as well bury yourself in the sand 😀

  11. Makes me homesick.

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