Jul 282014

Inspired by Indah Susanti’s blog posts Monochrome Monday and Lignum Draco’s excellent Street Photography I try to post weekly on Monday something totally new for me: Street and Candid Photography. This pushes me out of my comfort zone and more often with the camera out to the street and public places. My first entry is from yesterdays visit to the Craft Fair in the State Theatre in Perth. This are impressions from people browsing the handcrafted beautiful goods at this fair and

  10 Responses to “Monochrome Monday: Craft Fair”

  1. They are really nice! I like the monochrome treats better than the color ones..Love the dog’s picture and the lady who talked on the phone.. How was the feeling when taking candid pictures? I always get nervous to do it..my hands were always shaking :))

    • Thank you Indah. I was nervous too, there where also a lot of Securitas with earphone and mic and I just waited they say something but they did not even when I was making pictures of them. Most of the people are not recognising it if you carry the camera like grand papa on the belly. I even did not try to hide it. I agree the monochrome are better. I put the color once only about half an hour on and I will remove it again.

      • 😀 😀 hahaha..oh maybe I should use that trick – camera on the belly 🙂 I still can not do the candid photos, especially when using my huge DSLR Nikon – too obvious..Sony Nex 7 is similar size to Olympus EPL5, so maybe I should start using the Oly for candid..

        • Yes you can use the Oly, but if you hang the Nikon around the neck they don’t think that you make photos, you are only a tourist caring a camera 🙂 The click of the shutter is sometimes a bit disturbing and not all photos are perfect framed, or sharp, but you can shoot heaps and if you flip the display up you can check it without be too much remarked. I can see also that the shots are quite steady with long exposure. Maybe my belly helps a little. 🙂 One of the biggest problem I had was focusing. I used autofocus, but sometimes the cam focus not where u want and you can’t pick it. 🙁 I think Draco is manual focusing, but I had no success with it. It would be much easier with an old lens where you have the distance marked on it.

  2. Those are really nice pictures. 🙂 Chrome really brings a lot of drama to photos.

    • True I totally underestimated monochrome and it is new land for me but I like it. Thank you for stopping by and commenting. I’m glad you like it.

  3. I like your street photo gallery. It’s interesting to do street photography.

    • Thank you Cardinal this means a lot to me. It is interesting and quite tense. The only thing I know is that I will have a lot of bleary unframed shots for the bin. You never know what you get. It’s like buying a show bag full of candies open it at home and discover there is only rubbish in it. 🙂

  4. You did well. 🙂 Street photography is intimidating indeed but if you can go past through that, you can expand into this genre too.

    • Thank you Imelda this means a lot to me. Yes it is intimidating and it’s really outside of the comfort zone of landscape. It needs a big kick in the … to go out but it’s fun too and it gives you a little adrenalin push. This is healthy too. 😀 Holding the camera low helps a bit and it’s not so obvious but difficult to frame. Maybe once we have glasses with an inbuilt display. 🙂

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