Aug 092014

This week the Photo Challenge is Texture. Share a texture found in an unexpected place. It could be made of natural materials, as in these images, or with man-made objects.

This is not coffee on tap. The froth and bubbles you see are a result of saponin in the river. Saponin comes from plants as they break down in the water. As the water tumbles over the rocks it churns up the saponin in the water and makes a very natural ‘cappuccino’ in winter months. In summer we drink beer. To see how it’s created and move in the river  click here. In the entry Art by Nature I have some more amazing textures captured on the beach close to Denmark.

Natural Texture in a River

Texture at the Beach


  18 Responses to “Weekly Photo Challenge: Texture”

  1. I love these shots for the challenge!!! My fav is ‘texture in the sand’… hey everybody!! check out

    • Thank you very much I’m so glad you like it. It’s a little piece of art washed away after the next high tide. I captured it at the famous Cable Beach in Brome Western Australia.

  2. Great shots, the lower one reminds me of fireworks! 🙂

    • Thank you for your comment. I never thought it could be a firework. You are right the reflecting sun gives a little touch to it. I see more a flower in it.

  3. Ervin your gravatar photo rocks too 🙂

  4. Love them all! The first three photos are stunning! I would not guess they are river water. Have you considered to print them and hang them on the wall at home?

    • Wow thank you so much Indah, this means a lot for me. I’m so glad you like it. No I did not print it. To be honest I rarely print a photo I shot. I can A3+ print but I don’t do it often. Did you see the video? I love how the structures are changing in the slow flowing water.

      • Today I have a chance to watch the video 🙂 Not sure what happens with my internet connection but sometimes vimeo is too slow to access 🙁 It is a well made video – with matching song 😀

        • Great. Thank you Indah. Yes I put a lot of effort to find the matching music. This one was easy, just searched after river in my iTune library. 😀

  5. Great texture captures!

  6. Thanks so much for pointing out that those patterns are not from the top of a cappuccino 😀 That was the first thing that came to my mind when I saw the photos. Such wonderful water formations, like an outdoor gallery there. For free. Did you throw any stones there and saw what happened to the patterns?

    • Thank you Mabel. No I did not throw a stone into it, but you can see the change of the formation in the video if you click on the link. The patterns are constantly changing from the current.

  7. These are very good photos and textures.

    • Thank you very much Imelda. This means a lot to me. You made my day but I don’t have enough time to put something up for this week. I’m in holiday in Europe. 🙂

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