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Mandurah Part 1

Part 1 City and Foreshore of Mandurah. Mandurah is located on the west coast of Australia, 70 km south of Perth overlooking the magnificent Indian Ocean.
Mandurah Part 2

Part 2 Mandurah Ocean Marina is an exciting world-class marina in the heart of Mandurah and the Peel region. The multi-award winning Mandurah Ocean Marina is a major tourist attraction, with fantastic facilities and accommodation. It features unrivalled access to the ocean and a host of shopping, entertainment and dining options.
Mandurah Part 3

Part 3 Mandurah is considered the marine playground of Western Australia and is noted for its stunning waterways, protected waters, excellent beaches and superb fishing and crabbing. The Mandurah War Memorial is located on the northern point of the Western Foreshore in a prominent waterfront location that enjoys high visibility from both land and water.
Christmas 2012

Christmas lights in Mandurah. Filmed with Sony Nex7 wit SEL 24F17Z
Bouvard Island

Bouvard Island is 10km south of Mandurah in Western Australia.
Surfing with Dolphins

Surfing with Dolphins in Port Bouvard. Enjoy the close encounter of Dolphins with surfers. Both creature like the waves.
Flying Aerobatic over Mandurah

I filmed flying over the beautiful Peel area and city of Mandurah with its extended canal system. This was my first aerobatic flight with two looping and two rolls in the sky over the ocean. I tried to hold my Sony Nex-VG10 with stock lens in the small cockpit steady as possible. Enjoy it.
Kingspark Wildflower Festival
Bushfire Rockingham Lakes Regional Park

The blaze, which is believed to have been deliberately lit, broke out about midday the 30th November 2010 and has burned over 250 hectares of land in the Rockingham Lakes regional park. Three helitacs and two fixed wing water bombers are assisting ground crews of fifty career and volunteer Fire and Rescue Services.

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