Jun 042014

Top Five Destinations I’d Love to Return To.

I was invited to a post challenge by Indah Susanti to write about the five places I loved and I would love to return to. This challenge is originally from Booked.netTop Destinations to Go There

This is my first invitation to post a challenge. I felt very honoured to be invited by Indas Travel Story and Photography. Thank you so much Indah for considering me!

For proofreading I like to give a very warm thank you to Suri with the Blog Snippets of Suri.

This is a hard challenge for me and it makes me think back to many destinations I have been. Normally when we are travelling we like to discover new destinations, places we have never been before. We visited some of them twice like New Zealand; some cities in Australia and of course our home towns in Switzerland and France. Very often we are disappointed by the second visit. Maybe the expectation gets too high, maybe the places have changed or our perspective is different. It is difficult to start selecting and listing the places for this challenge and to narrow it down to only five, it is even harder. The second challenge is that I went to most of them before the digital photography.  So I have to go through old slides and photos and scan them. I’m sorry that the quality is not what we expect today.  I’m also sorry about my English or how I call it Engefrlich, a mix of English, German and French. Suri was proofreading it and this gives me confidence to post it. Thank you very much Snippets of Suri


I have read a post from Stefano Scheda about Iran. This post awoke so many memories from my first big business trip in 1975. The trip started with highs and lows. The high was, that my ex girlfriend was one of the air hostesses on the flight. The low was that the airplane   couldn’t take off at the last second because of an engine failure and we had about 6 hours delay. Usually on a business trip people at the destination are taking charge of everything and you just follow. Landing in Teheran with 6 hours delay at 4am was all   but funny. I was looking for a sign with my name, but of course nobody was picking me up. I didn’t know which hotel had been booked or where to go too. I was in Teheran, at an airport where you find yourself directly outside once you have been through   the luggage claim and customs clearance. It’s probably different now. The only thing I knew was that the Swissair crew were lodging in the Sheraton Hotel. Stepping outside was all these foreign faces  shouting taxi, taxi, taxi, taxi! Which one could you trust to get you to the destination I wanted and not where he wanted? But finally everything  worked out  well and I had  a great time doing a little bit of business and also added some free days to visit by my own Isfahan and  the Persepolis. Looking through the high quality photos from Stefano and going through my slides from 1975, I think I have to put this destination on the top.



Alaska was not planed at all on our trip for one year around the US. We met a couple on a costal lookout in California and they told us, if you like this  landscape, you have to go to Alaska. We were very disappointed from California, especially Los Angeles, where we planned to stay for 5 or 6 weeks. There was certainly a big hole, no GOALS and a few arguments after 4 months touring around and being 24/7 together in a small room so we decided either to get a divorce in Reno or go to Alaska together. We set a new Goal and chose Alaska and are still married. J. It was a very long drive, about the same distance from Florida to California. But no highways, just normal roads some even gravel. After visiting San Francisco, our journey up to Alaska began. Alaska is a place to love and to hate the next day. You find an amazing nature when the sun is shining, a place to be, a place to settle. The next day it became very depressing when it rains and everything became cloudy and foggy and this made me wanting to leave.  Today after several years in Australia, I would probably capture photos then as well but arriving from Switzerland certainly not.  J. People and the Light (24 hours daylight in summer) are amazing. The people are so warm, friendly and helpful, an experience I would never want to miss. I’m thinking often, I should visit Alaska once in the winter time with cold weather, snow and only a few hours daylight but very warm and lovely people. It would probably be an amazing and unforgettable Christmas and what a difference to 30 or 40 degree Celsius at the beach in Australia!



The Cities of US.

We were always impressed from the big cities in the US. Our favourites are, Chicago with its beautiful architecture, San Francisco with its charm, New York , Las Vegas and New Orleans with a special street atmosphere full of great jazz. (I’m cheating putting five places into oneJ).  All cities are beautiful and for us very impressive. Arriving in Las Vegas was a shock. We travelled trough beautiful countryside, deserts and landscapes. Coming from the Great Canyon, another place to visit again, into the heart of the hustle and bustle of Las Vegas was shocking. After the first 5 hours we thought that by next day we would be off. Finally we stayed for 5 days and adapted well to the lifestyle by sleeping during the day and sightseeing by night. The affordable luxury hotels, the very cheap great buffet food and shows were a welcome change to our everyday travel life.




Dubai was a stopover of one of our visits to Europe. A city that is very fascinating and we have the great luck knowing an Emirati woman, who has become a dear close friend. She welcomed us with a royalty reception, stepping down the airplane towards the bus she was waiting beside a limousine to drive us directly into the first class  lounge where we waited with drinks and food until our passport and visa were cleared and luggage put into her car. What an experience, what a feeling to be treated once in a lifetime like a rock star or a VIP. Dubai is amazing, everything there is bigger and better as we have seen anywhere else.  Unfortunately it’s also hotter as everywhere else we have been before. It would not be possible for us to visit this beautiful city without our friend H. With temperature between 40 and 50 degree Celsius (in August), it’s only possible to do sightseeing with a local in a well air-conditioned car. But it’s definitely a place to visit again during winter. P.S. Before we went I asked a girl living in Dubai what should we visit in 2 days in Dubai? Her answer was short and clear. Go into the airport hotel and watch movies during your entire stay. It’s just too hot for sightseeing. She was right but we had an unforgettable great time thanks to H.




This was a trip we made with our Swiss friends F & N and their kids L & R., we visited the beautiful Kimberley in 2002, an amazing place in the Western Australian outback. I won’t tell you anything about it because you can see this adventure and the beautiful landscapes on the video here. Lay back and enjoy.




May 072014

Young artist painting portrait

I better keep me clean


Kids play with recycled household pieces to build art.

Is this the next Swatch?DSC05180-2



A selfy?

Okay then I’m happy I can see the wires in my brain. But where is the bright light?



 I have so much old computers stuff I could build a real one!




Mar 092014

We went to Cottesloe to see the 2014 exhibition “Sculpture by the Sea”. This year’s exhibition features 74 sculptures from 28 local artists, 21 interstate artists and 21 international artists. It showcases everything from a giant inflatable goon bag to a large rhinoceros constructed of polypropylene fibre and aluminium. To see more pictures click here.







Jan 092014

Sony NEX7 with 16mm + ECF1 Fisheye. Sunset San Remo WA


Sunset at our Beach in San Remo WA.

Dec 242013

1024 -04888

1024 -04879

Merry Christmas

1024 -04913 



Happy New Year






1024 -04896

1024 -04887

1024 -

House of Anthony and Tina Ford, 5 Cimarron Edge, Meadow Springs raising funds for PMH Foundation

Nov 022013

We went down south with our Probus Club and enjoyed beside the good company the beautiful seascape. To see more click here or on the pictures.


Denmark WA

Oct 082013

Sunday the 6th October we went to checkout the Wellington Dam. South-West’s biggest dam is overflowing the first time in four years and for the third time in the last decade. Thousands of litres of water are bursting over the 367 metre long crest of the concrete wall thanks to recent heavy rainfalls. I filmed and Elisabeth shot some pictures of this special event. To see the water flowing watch the video here or on Vimeo

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