Elisabeth’s 60th Birthday


Celebrate Elisabeth’s 60th Birthday

Elisabeth's 60th Birthday 

Photos of the Party

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Scroll down for video

Video of the Party

To watch read the following instructions!
The Video is hosted on the public site Vimeo. To protect your privacy it is password protected. You are logged in and have permission to see it but you have to enter the password


Type the yellow number 13072013 into the field “Password” and enjoy watching.

Turn on the Speakers!

If the video plays interrupted turn HD off or pause for a while.

To watch more videos click here



  2 Responses to “Elisabeth’s 60th Birthday”

  1. Salut Les copains
    I am so impressed with your website, videos and pics!
    Thank you for allowing us to view not only the birthday party’s video, but also some
    Very beautiful ones of spectacular scenery.
    You guys are so perfect in anything you do, and thoughtful, kind and generous too.
    Glad to becounted as your friends.

  2. Merci Paula.
    Glad you enjoyed Erwin’s videos & photos. He’s doing a great job but don’t tell him that he’s perfect….there is always room for improvement.
    See you soon

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