FAQ Frequent Asked Questions

Login, Username, Password, VIP Access

Q Why you have a VIP area?

A We like to protect the privacy of our friends. I think it’s unfair to share photos of friends from parties or whatever with the world. We respect their privacy and that’s why we have password protected this area. If you like to know more about us and become a friend and VIP feel free to ask for access.

Q How can I login into the VIP area?

A Fill out the Form “Ask for VIP Access.”  Type your Username and Password you received with the email. If that is not working, click “Lost your password?” and type your email address into the Username field and follow the instructions. For step by step instructions click this link: help for lost password.

Q Can I change my login name? (Login name = User name)

A No sorry you can’t. If you would like to change it, I have to close your account and open a new one and all your messages from the categories will be deleted. If you like, I can do this but you have to send me an email and afterwards change your password again.

Q What is the difference between “Nickname” and “Login Name (Username)”?

A The “Nick-Name” or display name is displayed in the Login box “Hi Nickname”

Q Should I use my real name or can I choose a pseudonym as my nickname?

A You can choose the name you like. The advantage of a pseudonym is that when you make a comment in a forum you’ll stay anonymous if it’s what you prefer. Let’s say nearly anonymous. The Webmaster would be able to see who you are. But you will stay anonymous in the forums. This is more of an issue in public forums rather than within a club forum.

Q Can we use a pseudo email address which does not exist ?

A No, the system is email oriented and will send you the login information per email.

Q Can I change my email address?

A Yes you can in your profile.

Q I have forgotten my password and/or Login Name (Username) What can I do?

A  Click the “Lost your password?” link in the login box. For instructions follow the step by step instruction under the help link in the Contact page or click here

Q How can I change my password?

A Go into your Profile and you get the Dashboard. There you can change it. Don’t forget to press Update Profile on the bottom of the page.

Q How can I exit the Dashboard and return to the Webpage?

A Click in the black taskbar on the left hand side with the link “myenz.com”

Q Can I destroy something on the webpage if I’do something wrong?

A No, not at all. You can’t destroy or delete anything whatever you do. The website is bullet proof. You can and should click everywhere, try everything and see what happens when you push and click here and there. Sometimes you get a page that doesn’t mean anything to you or it says it’s not for you. But please don’t be scared. Just play with it. It’s your website and made to be useful and enjoyable.

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