Perth – Amsterdam


Perth - Amsterdam


File 7-05-2015 9 48 25 pmWe had comfortable flight the first leg with Malaysian Air to Kuala Lumpur with an excellent service an delicious food. After the meal and some drinks it was time to try all the buttons on the seat and but it in the lowest flat position for a little nap. The ride was quiet and smooth and the waiting time in the lounge of Malaysian Air relaxing and comfortable. The second part Kuala Lumpur to Amsterdam was operated by KLM. A much longer flight, older airplane and for service and food is a lot of improvement possible. I tested the staff and spilled (accidently) a glass of red wine over Elisabeth’s pants. The only help we received was the question if we want an address for a dry cleaning in Amsterdam.  Poor Elisabeth she had to manage all by herself, but finally a little salt, water soap and some towels and the right colour of the pants played all together and before landing everything was dry with no visible stains. That’s maybe the meaning of dry cleaning by KLM. Did I mention that we will not book KLM anymore.




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